Georgia Peach

So...  I am not sure in this one which is prettier?  Is it the captivating peach pettiskirt or, the gorgeous little model wearing it?  Although I am partial to the pettiskirts, I think this little angel takes the cake.  It just doesn't get any sweeter than this!  Every sweet little girl needs a precious, Princess Peach Pettiskirt in their pettiskirt wardrobe from Miss Things Boutique!  For photographers...this one is a MUST HAVE!

Run out of time and need your pettiskirt faster? Would you like your pettiskirt to be INSANE RUFFLED more than what is pictured? NO PROBLEM! We understand these things and are always happy to help! Simply select your options below and add them to your cart!

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RUSH My Pettiskirt Couture!         Add Extra Ruffles To My Pettiskirt!


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